I had received your earlier email about Mary Alyce's decline and expected passing.  Thank you so much for sending the obituary and beautiful tribute to her life.  To me, Mary Alyce was always so welcoming and embracing of friends whether old or new--she invited people with her smile and warmth.  She was multi-talented, and I admired and envied her athletic skills in golf and tennis.  I was always amazed at the breadth and depth of her commitment to and engagement in so many activities whether as a professional or volunteer; and in each instance, she touched so many lives.  Mary Alyce brought a smile to everyone's face!  I know you have enough wonderful memories to last a lifetime.  And, indeed there were some humorous moments even in the early stages of Alzheimer's as when she accused you of being an imposter and you could only imagine what might happen if the two of you were on a plane together--David, the imposter! There is much to celebrate in her life--it was a life well-lived and full of joy.  Because she gave friendship to so many, she will be remembered.  I certainly will. 

As you, Matthew and Susan celebrate her life, I know you carry many fond memories with each of you forever.  I know the last few years have been difficult and you shared moments of hope, laughter and sadness.  May joy fill your life as you remember Mary Alyce and as you move forward.  

My thoughts are with you.

Carole Ames