I had the good fortune of arriving on the campus of the U of I in the spring of 1994, and having Mary Alyce appointed as my mentor. What a privilege that was, as I was taken in under her wing over coffee (and perhaps a glass of wine after hours!) every couple of weeks to learn the ways of the world through her eyes. It was clear that she was deeply loved and respected by peers, faculty members, and donors, far and wide, for her intellect, her wisdom, and her good humor. During that year in C-U before David and Mary Alyce moved from the community, and during the next 22 years, I have spent time getting to know David and Mary Alyce even better, and to some extent, Matthew and Susan. It was clear that Mary Alyce thoroughly enjoyed her role as wife and mother. A further special relationship over the love of our felines that Mary Alyce and I shared was another element of that friendship. David's loving care over the past few years has been evident, and a true inspiration. I will now take even greater pleasure than normal in seeing the day lilies blooming in the garden later this year that were transplanted from the home in Okemos which Mary Alyce brought in a large plastic garbage bag to the garden about 20 years ago.

Joan Tousey