Something wonderful happened!  When Margie met Matthew, we met Mary Alyce and when Margie and Matthew got married, not only did Mary Alyce and David become our “machutunim”, (in-laws), we became friends. What a gift!

We so often think of and talk about Mary Alyce and David and of the good times we’ve been so fortunate to share...when we all cheered for Smarty Jones as he rounded the track in his effort to win the triple crown , just as guests were arriving for Margie and Matthew’s wedding ...our subsequenttrip to Berkeley and on to Napa for wine tasting and golf shortly after the release of the movie, “Sideways”,  prompting our delight in using pompous tasting descriptions such as, “big, bold, long finish”, after tasting a wonderful Cab, resulting in riotous laughter among us, ….  the fun times shared in Scottsdale playing golf….Mary Alyce couldsure hit a “mean” fairway wood, straight as an arrow, and then dining and sampling David’s wine pick of the evening. And, of course, the joy of joys….the arrival of our granddaughter, Zizi.

Mary Alyce….we will remember your spirit, your love of life, your infectious laughter, and your friendship.

With love,

Shawn and Susan Seilback